Guide pratique sur le développement durable pour les conseils d'administration et le management

Alors que les attentes sociétales impactent de plus en plus la gouvernance d'entreprise, les entreprises doivent faire évoluer leurs modèles d'affaires afin de créer une valeur durable qui bénéficie non seulement aux actionnaires, mais aussi aux parties prenantes internes et externes ainsi qu'à la société au sens large.

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To support businesses, ecoDa and Mazars have joined forces to create this practical guide to help board members and leadership teams navigate their sustainability journey and achieve sustainable success. From why leaders should commit to fostering sustainability, to how to move to determined action, this guide offers a wide range of insights on what aspects to consider and what questions to discuss.

Using a practical approach, the guide addresses the importance of leadership and direction in sustainability efforts, and the increasing legal and regulatory responsibilities directors face in this area. It is intended for boards of listed and privately owned business, including those led by entrepreneurs or family business owners.

Seven critical success factors for a sustainable board and leadership team

Firstly, the guide offers insights on why directors and leadership teams should place sustainability high on their agenda, setting out seven critical success factors for directors to focus on in shaping the path ahead:

  • Leadership and tone from the top
  • Purpose led
  • Stakeholder-oriented
  • Strong organisation-wide culture of sustainability
  • Sustainability deeply embedded throughout the business
  • A learning approach
  • Openness in reporting

Key questions and practical next steps to tackle sustainability

The second section offers a series of questions designed to enable directors and leadership teams to identify areas where further action is needed, while the final section provides a tool to assess the stage at which a business is currently situated along their sustainability journey. 

By working through this practical guide, boards and leadership teams will be able to identify which changes will have the greatest impact and which they should prioritise to create a clear action plan, tailored to their business.