Étude 1er semestre 2023 : la performance financière des banques européennes

Le secteur bancaire européen a-t-il retrouvé sa stabilité dans un contexte macroéconomique troublé ?

Over the past three years, the banking sector has had to endure numerous crises, including Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. What do the 2023 interim results of the 26 largest banks in Europe indicate about the impact on Expected Credit Losses (ECL) in this unusual environment? 

We have analysed the 2023 interim reports of 26 banks in 11 European countries to better understand the impact of financial turbulence and ongoing geopolitical crises on their Expected Credit Losses. This study is the seventh in its series and follows on from previous editions of the report since its launch in 2020.

A focus on Expected Credit Losses

The study mainly focuses on the ECL-related impacts, with key findings on:

  • ECL charge impact of H1 2023 on the profit or loss and ECL allowances
  • ECL allowances: changes in coverage ratios and allocation between stages
  • Post-model adjustments/overlays
  • Forward looking information


Financial reporting of European banks H1 2023