Doing business in Thailand

This 2014 guide provides a thorough and insightful overview for businesses interested in investing in Thailand.

The Thai Government has long maintained an open market-oriented economy and encouraged foreign direct investment. The Foreign Business Act of 1999 governs most investment activities by non-Thai nationals. It opened additional business sectors to foreign investment and increased maximum ownership stakes permitted in some sectors above the standard 49% limitation. It continues to restrict majority foreign participation in certain types of business but this restriction excludes the majority of manufacturing ventures.

Table of Contents

  • General information,
  • Regulations on foreign investment,
  • Government incentives,
  • Business organisations available to foreigners,
  • Setting up and running business organisations,
  • Corporate taxes,
  • Personal taxation,
  • Double Taxation Agreements,
  • Sales, VAT and other taxes,
  • Portfolio investment for foreigners,
  • Trusts, and
  • Practical information.

Mazars in Thailand is a leading audit, accounting, tax, legal and advisory practice, combining the benefits of an integrated global partnership with the entrepreneurial drive of the Double Impact Group, which was founded in Bangkok in 1999. This guide was prepared with the enthusiastic support of the European ASEAN Business Centre (‘EABC’) and the Dutch Embassy.

To read the full content of this guide, please download the PDF file below.

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