Asset quality review services

2014 will be a big year for European banks and their supervisors. In October 2013, the EBA issued a recommendation requiring competent authorities of all EU Member States to complete asset quality reviews (AQRs) of all relevant credit institutions by 31 October 2014.

At Mazars, we have a keen awareness of the challenges this presents for you as you prepare to carry out the AQRs on banks within your supervisory jurisdiction. Moreover, we are committed to ensuring that bank balance sheets do not contain hidden losses. And we want you to be able to undertake supervision with strong confidence in your banks’ capital footing.

Mazars is a trusted partner to regulatory agencies in reviewing the asset quality of some of Europe’s most significant credit institutions.
 Experience, knowledge and client service are the foundations of our approach and we firmly believe we can help you through the crucial AQR process.

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